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Congratulations to all the posts that achieved 100% membership by 10 May 2017, Districts 4A and 6B, and special congratulations to the posts with 100% Family renewals.

Although the membership 100% date was 10 May 2017, the Department of Oklahoma unfortunately finished at just over 90%.  Even though we missed the mark of 100%, it is not too late to continue our drive to meet our goal for 2017.  Our membership goal is17,532 members, and to date our current member ship is 15,816, which means we need 1,716 members to make 100%.

Now is the time to contact the expired members or members that have not renewed, but it takes a phone call or personal visit.  They have already proved that they can ignore many emails and renewal notices.  IT IS TIME FOR PERSONAL CONTACT. There are still hundreds of members in the Administrative Post 213 that are paid for 2017 just waiting to be transferred to your posts.  Just go to, click on FIND MEMBERS IN MY AREA, search by zip code, print the list of eligible members, and call them to request them to transfer to your post.  Fill out a Member Data Form and submit to Department Headquarters.  Before you know it, you will have 100% membership for your post.

Does your Post, Unit, Squadron, or Riders need a fundraiser or money-making event?  The Department’s 10 Gun raffle can be a great source of income  with no investment on your part.  The prizes are already purchased, the tickets and advertising posters are printed and ready for the posts.  The ticket price is $10 per ticket and when sold, $5 goes to the post or unit and $5 goes to the Department, and each ticket remains in the hopper for all the drawings or until the ticket is drawn.  What could be easier?  The guns are already paid for so there is no investment by the post, and the tickets and advertising is done.  Just get out and sell the tickets for this very popular event.  Several posts are having local businesses sell tickets for them such barber shops, pawn shops, tag agencies, etc.  This is also a great opportunity to solicit membership for your posts.

The American Legion will celebrate its 100th Anniversary in 2019 and all of America is planning for the event, and every post has something to offer. 

Does you town have a Veterans Memorial or Memorial Park?

Does your post have a Historian?

Do you have pictures or artifacts of your post history?

Does your post keep a yearbook of the past year’s events?

Has a member of your post received special recognition or an award?

Has anyone written your post history?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, please contact the Department Historian Gerald McClain with your information. 405-269-9444,, or http// historian.


Don Kuntze


Department of Oklahoma


“God and Country”


Don Kuntze


The American Legion

Department of Oklahoma