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2016-2017 Post History

By Gerald McClain, Historian, Dept. of Oklahoma, American Legion

Each Post has a history starting from the first meeting of like-minded soldiers forming a bond of comradeship. Some meetings started in 1919 and some started in 1935.  History of a post is the backbone of the post that gives substance to the present members, a voice to the fallen comrades and recruitment tool for new members.   Every photo taken must have the American Legion members name next to it, plus an index is the back showing how many times the member contributed.  Every fallen American Legion comrade that has died should have his picture and write up in the Post Everlasting part of the history book.  The Historian reports to the commander and works close with the program Vice Commander, and with the Post Adjutant.   Everyone has to help the Historian collect information for the Post History.

Two types of Post Histories, but do only one type.

Post Narrative History: The historian should relate in narrative form, and in chronological order, all important events and programs conducted during the year by the post or events conducted jointly with the Auxiliary, Sons of The American Legion, or county, district, department and national levels. (Remember, this is the post’s history, not the department or National Headquarters.) See pages 147-156 of 2016 Officers Guide Post Narrative History National Judging standard is on page 151.


Post Yearbook History: A post yearbook is a pictorial history of the post’s annual activities.  A record as vitally important as the history itself is a complete and accurate yearbook containing all newspaper clippings, photographs, copies of programs, tickets, badges and other items pertaining to the post and its activities. See pages 152-156 of 2015 Officers Guide Post Yearbook History National Judging standard is on page 155.


Use the National Judging standard to check your finished Post History Book before sending it to the state for final judging.

CONTACT: You can always get a hold of me by email or at my work at  or call me on my cell at 405-269-9444 leave me a message if I don’t answer.  Call my home at 405-372-2882 and leave me a message if I don’t answer…speak slowly your number and name maybe twice.

Once you have prepared your Post Yearbook History book, place it in a safe place in your post and file a copy in your local library for safe keeping.  You can also enter your Post Yearbook History in the 2016-2017 Department of Oklahoma History Contest by submitting a copy at the 99th Annual Convention Headquarters at Embassy Suites, Norman, OK on July 14, 2017 by 11 am. The Department Historian will have a table for you to submit your Post Yearbook History book. Judging will be in the afternoon of July 14, 2017. Name on the Oklahoma History Trophy will be awarded for first place. Second and Third place will also be recognized at the convention.  A Certificate of Appreciation will be awarded to ALL ENTRANTS.

For more information go to:  “Creating a History Record of Your Post” on youtube:

American Legion Centennial Celebration for Oklahoma 1919-2019


The American Legion Centennial Celebration is not only about honoring the past 100 years of our history, but also preparing to continue our legacy of service. Events and activities at posts all around the world will showcase The American Legion "Still Serving America." - See more at:   Form a Post Centennial Celebration Committee to plan celebration events in 2016-2019.  Add Centennial Celebration to every event during the next 3 years.  Use as recruitment tool for new members.  Your historian must add your post history on the Centennial Celebration web pages and setup displays showing your post history.  I am the chairman of the American Legion Centennial Celebration for Oklahoma.  So whatever I can do to help you start your post Centennial Celebration let me know…same contacts as above. See my Post 129 Centennial Celebration at

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This presentation “Creating a History Record of Your Post for 2015-2016” is on youtube:


2015-2016 Post History for Historians by McClain.pdf


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This presentation “Centennial Celebration 1919-2019” all 3 parts are on youtube: